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The Zedan Group strengthens local businesses, creates international partnerships and implements global emerging technologies.


The Zedan Group operates through its following companies :

  • Z Holding.
  • Infrastructure Trading Equipment Co., Ltd. (ITECO).
  • Amr F. Zedan Engineering Consulting Firm.
  • Tariq F. Zedan Engineering Consulting Firm.

In recent years, The Zedan Group has increased its investments to include energy producers, engineering companies, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and infrastructure development companies.

Foreign investment, local expertise, and innovation are all crucial factors in supporting the continuation of the national economic transformation in all sectors. At The Zedan Group, we utilize innovation to leverage opportunities and to create a sustainable, energy-driven tomorrow.

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We serve the growing needs of the energy sector in the Kingdom, and ultimately, the global community.


The Zedan Group upholds its core values and consistently achieves strategic excellence through international partnerships


The Zedan Group is firmly aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030 commitment to strategic and sustainable diversification of the Kingdom’s economy.

Capitalizing on our technical knowledge and unwavering commitment to the global standards of business operations, we work to enhance the level of efficiency and performance with the help of industry experts and the innovative technologies.

The Zedan Group further maintains its competitive advantage through strategic collaboration with local and international businesses to serve as a catalyst for new avenues of growth in other dynamic sectors such as entertainment, real estate, digital transformation, aviation, and luxury.


The Zedan Group's leadership empowers the company's growth, locally and regionally.

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Amr F. Zedan

Chairman of the Board

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Tariq F. Zedan

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

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Yacob Chang

Chief Executive Officer


The Zedan Group invests in the capacity building of experts and employees who contribute to the national economic transformation by bringing investment opportunities to local companies. We support the innovative mindset of our people and sustain them to achieve our mission of becoming a regional leader.