Flexible Pipe Technology (FPtech)

Flexible Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.(FPtech) is a manufacturing facility for the production of non-metallic and metallic Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes(RTP) ranging from 4” ~ 8”. FPtech is a joint venture partnership between the Zedan Group and HOH Oilfield Services of UK.

FPtech offers RTP in diameters up to and including 8” in various specifications of temperature and pressures to service both water and hydrocarbon services, utilizing both metallic and non-metallic reinforcement to align with Saudi Aramco’s long-term vision to reduce corrosion by 10%.

FPtech operates at the cutting edge of RTP design and development aligning with the requirements and specifications required by the GCC region primarily producing RTP per the specifications set out in the American Petroleum Institute 15s license.

Based in Dammam Industrial City 2, FPtech is the only company in the GCC region to offer both versions of RTP allowing FPT to service and support the entire GCC market following the highest standards of design specification (API15s) and quality systems American Petroleum Institute Q1.

Perar Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd.

The Zedan Group and Perar S.p.A of Italy has formed a joint-venture partnership, Perar Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd., to firmly establish Perar’s footprint in Saudi Arabia. Perar Saudi Arabia’s long-term vision is aligned with Saudi Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value-Add (IKTVA) program, contributing to the localization of energy-related products and services.

The Zedan Group and Perar are active in the Aramco-approved ball valves industry through implementing strategic plans, conducting analysis and establishing a concrete local platform to outperform the competition.

ITECO, a subsidiary of The Zedan Group, serves as the agent for all Perar products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ITECO supports clients with full turnkey solutions, offering unparalleled customer insight and delivering quality products in the valve industry.

Perar is a leading Italian manufacturer of API6D and API6A ball valves, which have an array of applications across the oil and gas, petrochemical, onshore, and offshore and heavy chemical sectors, among others.

Perar also manufactures a wide range of ball valves that are 9COM approved by Saudi Aramco. Its strategic vision for localizing Saudi Arabian manufacturing facilities with the total-solution support of The Zedan Group allowed Perar to sign a ten-year corporate purchase agreement with Saudi Aramco.


Infrastructure Trading Equipment Co. Ltd. (ITECO) is a company that specializes in trading, selling, renting and maintaining construction equipment. It has been equipped with the latest modern technology for manufacturing valves specialized in the oil and gas field, and has extensive experience in excavation lines. It is also the industrial agent for a number of energy products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Infrastructure Trading Equipment Co. Ltd. provides counsel and resources to clients across the Kingdom, and by partnering with major manufacturers, traders, marketers and consumers, the company effectively develops and optimizes commercial strategies and operations.


Arabian Environmental Science Co., Ltd.(ARENSCO) was established as a partnership between The Zedan Group, Kaid Investment Group, and The Zamil Group, to become one of the leading companies providing environmental consulting and services to a wide range of industries within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Zedan Group supports ARENSCO throughout the value chain, from strategic planning to optimize project execution on-site to protecting local ecologies through project completion. A major player in the sector within the Kingdom, ARENSCO takes pride in producing pragmatic, timely, and cost-effective solutions.

ARENSCO’s talented team of professionals is able to provide clients with superior solutions founded on driving both business performance and environmental sustainability.