Perar Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd.

The Zedan Group and Perar S.p.A of Italy has formed a joint-venture partnership, Perar Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd., to firmly establish Perar’s footprint in Saudi Arabia. Perar Saudi Arabia’s long-term vision is aligned with Saudi Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value-Add (IKTVA) program, contributing to the localization of energy-related products and services.

The Zedan Group and Perar are active in the Aramco-approved ball valves industry through implementing strategic plans, conducting analysis and establishing a concrete local platform to outperform the competition.

ITECO, a subsidiary of The Zedan Group, serves as the agent for all Perar products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ITECO supports clients with full turnkey solutions, offering unparalleled customer insight and delivering quality products in the valve industry.

Perar is a leading Italian manufacturer of API6D and API6A ball valves, which have an array of applications across the oil and gas, petrochemical, onshore, and offshore and heavy chemical sectors, among others.

Perar also manufactures a wide range of ball valves that are 9COM approved by Saudi Aramco. Its strategic vision for localizing Saudi Arabian manufacturing facilities with the total-solution support of The Zedan Group allowed Perar to sign a ten-year corporate purchase agreement with Saudi Aramco.