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Flexible Pipe Technology (FPtech)

Flexible Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.(FPtech) is a manufacturing facility for the production of non-metallic and metallic Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes(RTP) ranging from 4” ~ 8”. FPtech is a joint venture partnership between the Zedan Group and HOH Oilfield Services of UK.

FPtech offers RTP in diameters up to and including 8” in various specifications of temperature and pressures to service both water and hydrocarbon services, utilizing both metallic and non-metallic reinforcement to align with Saudi Aramco’s long-term vision to reduce corrosion by 10%.

FPtech operates at the cutting edge of RTP design and development aligning with the requirements and specifications required by the GCC region primarily producing RTP per the specifications set out in the American Petroleum Institute 15s license.

Based in Dammam Industrial City 2, FPtech is the only company in the GCC region to offer both versions of RTP allowing FPT to service and support the entire GCC market following the highest standards of design specification (API15s) and quality systems American Petroleum Institute Q1.