Amr F. Zedan

Chairman of the Board


Amr F. Zedan has served as Chairman of The Zedan Group since 2000. During his tenure, he has transformed the enterprise from a small Saudi Arabia-based engineering consultancy into a preeminent international consortium of exemplary companies spanning energy, infrastructure, real estate, aviation, digital transformation and more. Zedan Group is recognized as the partner of choice for global firms operating in Saudi Arabia such as Samsung Engineering, SNC Lavalin, and Gulfstream Aviation to name a few.

Under Amr’s leadership, Zedan Group has become a strategic partner for energy sector stakeholders and a key player in all aspects of the Kingdom’s energy, infrastructure and economic diversification initiatives as outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. Amr has successfully expanded Zedan Group’s core business to encompass power, water, extraction, piping, and environmental innovations.

Outside of his work with Zedan Group, Amr is a successful international investor and venture capitalist. He seeks out innovative and transformative projects that offer compelling opportunities for future value creation and has seeded impactful ventures across the energy, healthcare, tech and mining sectors, as well as in other industries.

Additionally, he is a well-respected and proven investor in racehorses and a consummate polo player. He owns and operates Zedan Racing Stables, Inc., a premier stable based in Kentucky. Through this company, Amr has successfully and strategically invested in and trained horses that compete on the world’s greatest tracks and facilities. He also serves as both patron and player of the Zedan Polo team.

As Chairman of the Saudi Polo Federation, a governmental body that develops and promotes the sport in Saudi Arabia, Amr leverages polo as a cultural, business, and diplomatic tool to further enhance international bridges in line with Vision 2030.

Amr was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in both the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He attended Saudi Aramco’s early college preparatory program, conducted his preliminary engineering studies at Texas A&M University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering Management with a minor in Electrical/Digital Engineering from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.